‘Front Lines’ by Michael Grant: what they wore, get the look

The newest book by Michael Grant is out now! ‘Front Lines’ is set in a re-imagined Second World War America where young women are drafted into the armed forces. To fight on the ‘front line’.

It’s a dark, gritty tale. But that doesn’t mean there are no sweeter moments to savour either. Personally, we enjoyed pouring over the descriptions of what those lovely ladies wore.


Sure, sometimes it couldn’t be called ‘high fashion’, but even in men’s clothes, they would have been making them their own. Feisty personalities make up for a lack of colour or cut. It gave them sass.


For one, trousers had become a staple. TROUSERS! 

And sure, it wasn’t all perfect polish and red lipstick…


But it doesn’t stop us lusting after the slick style these women had. In ‘Front Lines’ it’s often described as “olive drab or khaki uniform” but it was also something to take pride in.

“She’s in uniform, still proud of its shiny new adornment: the metal sharpshooter badge.”



These ladies IRL did a very important, and sometimes dirty, job. But still managed to get that hair on point. Especially since something as simple as shampoo was rationed.

Bad hair day? Nah. That’s what hats and scarves are for, honey.

“…when we dry-fired our rifles I lost a hairpin and my hair ended up getting in the way.”

The struggle was real. Short hair for the win.

giphy (6)

Let’s recap. For a badass look like Rio, Rainy or Frangie you need:

  • Trousers. Khaki.
  • Rolled up sleeves.
  • Practiced, quaffed or rolled hair.
  • Red lipstick.
  • Khaki.
  • A sassy, take-no-crap attitude.
  • More khaki.
  • Aviators optional. But hella cool.

“You’ll look cute,” Rio says.
“Cute? How dare you? I’ll look stunning,” Jenou corrects her.”

You can get your copy of ‘Front Lines’ here!


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