‘Front Lines’ author Michael Grant interviews one of his characters: Sgt Rainy Schulterman

Michael Grant’s new ‘Solider Girl’ series has begun with a resounding wallop in the release of ‘Front Lines’. Set in an alternative WWII, it follows the armed forces careers of Rio, Frangie and Rainy.

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Here the author interviews Sgt. Rainy Schulterman. Get ready for plenty of sass and snark. Regardless of what Grant might think, it’s pretty clear…Rainy. Is. Boss.

MG: Hello, Rainy. How are you?

Rainy: Fine, sir. May I ask the purpose of this interview?

MG: Someone suggested it.

Rainy: Ah. Of course you realize there’s a bit of a. . . conflict in the idea of you interviewing me.

MG: You mean because I created you?

Rainy: Indeed.

MG: You could say I’m sort of your God.

Rainy: No, you really couldn’t say that. But of course you already know what I have to say about, well, anything.

MG: Not really. Not in the sense that I know in a conscious sort of way that a minute from right now you’re going to say some specific thing. I don’t plan ahead. I don’t outline. It’s all spontaneous.

Rainy: Yes, sir, we are all well aware of your limitations as a prose stylist.

MG: Hey!

Rainy: You should apologize to yourself for making me say that.

MG: I’m sorry. And I forgive me. Where were we? Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to interview you. So, um, Rainy, how do you like Army life?

Rainy: It’s a lot of dull with occasional intense. . . um. . . are you going to look up the exact quote?

MG: “War is months of boredom punctuated by moments of terror.” Google isn’t sure who said it.

Rainy: Who is Google?

MG: Oh, yeah, you’re in 1943. I’m in the future. I’m from 2016.

Rainy: Do you have flying cars?

MG: Sadly, no.

eye roll

Rainy: So the future really is a dystopia.

MG: That’s why I had to go to the past, to create you. Now, stop interrupting and let me try this again. How are you liking World War 2?

Rainy: I feel I’ve made a useful contribution to the war effort. I remain committed to the destruction of the Nazi menace and the preservation of liberty, sir. I’d say more, but as you know you’ve conceived me as a discreet, somewhat secretive type of person.

MG: That’s why you’re a natural for Army intelligence.

Rainy: I have no idea what you’re talking about, sir. I work in supply.

MG: Riiiight. You’ve met Rio and Frangie? They’re your co-stars, so to speak.

Rainy: Yes, I’ve met them both. I met them when you made our plotlines intersect. I like them both, although we don’t really have much in common. Frangie is sweet and comes across as innocent, but I sense that there’s a whole lot more happening in her mind. She’s the sort of person who makes me painfully aware of my own ruthless tendencies. If you know what I mean, and of course you do. And Rio? Well, I don’t think we’d be friends in real life, after all she’s a small town girl, and I’m a New Yorker. And, to be honest, I think she scares me just a little. She’s one of those people you’re glad to learn is on your side. She’s all milk-fed wholesomeness until she picks up a rifle.

MG: Yeah, I didn’t really conceive of you three as friends. I wanted each of you to be a complete character, not defined by anyone else. That was most important to me: creating real, fully-realized characters. That, and I wanted to get the history right, and I think I have, to best of my limited abilities.

Rainy: In the future have you invented the term “humblebrag?”

eye roll

MG: Cute. You’re very quick. I like you. So, I was sorry about that whole thing between you and the Gestapo.

Rainy: The. . . the what?

MG: The Gestapo. You know, when. . . Oh, wait. You’re Book #1 Rainy. You don’t know what happens in Book #2 yet.

Rainy: Just. . . wait a minute here. Gestapo? As in the Nazi secret police?


MG: I’m sorry, I have a no spoilers policy.

Rainy: Hey! Hey old bald man! Sir. What do you mean, Gestapo? Explain! At least give me a clue!

MG: And that concludes our interview. Stay tuned for 8 out of 10 Cats. David Mitchell’s on, and he’s always very witty.

Rainy: Okay, I’m ready to reconsider this entire enlistment thing.


You can find out more about Rainy and her compadres in ‘Front Lines’. Get your copy here! 

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