AWOL milk, tiny rooms, and 12 other freshers realities you’ll come to know all too well

The back-to-school season is upon us and, even for those uni kids amongst us, the new year will be here quicker than any of us want it to be.

It’s a particularly scary time for first years, embarking on their first great adventure. In fact, you freshers are going to have a whole lot of new realities you’ll have to face.

We’ve already covered what it’s like to share a flat at uni and now we just want to make sure you’re well and truly prepared for the year ahead… are you ready for this to become your life?

1. Your student room is going to be small

And bare. You might as well be Harry Potter pre-Hogwarts days because the cupboard under the stairs looks more roomy than most places we’ve seen.

2. And if you’re anything like the MP! Books Team, you’ll soon have books stacked everywhere

This is the dance you will have to do just to enter your room-slash-make-shift-library. We just don’t know how to say no…

3.  That feeling of deep satisfaction when your student loan drops

Oh, that joy will fill you up as you gaze at your online banking account. It’s probably more money than you’ve ever been given in one go before and the temptation to go out and blow it all at once is pretty strong.

4. But the sore reality is nursing your empty bank account at the end of the month

The temptation was too much. Given a taste of freedom, you splurged, and maybe takeaways EVERY night last weekwasn’t such a good idea… We’ll be honest, it looks like you’re going to have to get used to beans on toast if you can’t manage your money better.

5. Not all of your flatmates are going to like you

You’ll be bunking with anywhere between four to twelve people, unless you’re one of the lucky renters of a studio flat, and odds are you’re not going to get along with at least one of your flatmates. Potentially not any of them.

Don’t worry, though! There’ll be plenty of people around to befriend: coursemates, people from other flats, society peeps. You’ll find your #squad.

6. You’ll have a ridiculous amount of free time

Depending on your course, you could have as little as eight hours of contact time a week… Waayyy less than what anybody is used to up until this point. That leaves a lot of time for doing not a lot, even when you’ve factored in study time and library hours.

7. And spend all that free time panicking that you might’ve forgotten a deadline

Uni students always seem to be on high alert from all the work they’re always doing, so even on quiet weeks they’re pretty stressed out, terrified they forgot to do an all-important assignment.

8. There will be at least one lecturer who has the world’s most monotonous voice

There’s one in every department and we’re pretty sure they’re specifically designed to trip you up and see how much you actually care about listening to what they’re saying.

Listen, when it’s 9am and we’ve dragged ourselves into the lecture hall, nothing short of Tyra Banks teaching the class would keep us from taking a light snooze.

9. And there will inevitable by missed 9am seminars

Look, you’re not a horrible student because you skip out on your 9ams every once in a while. Especially not when half the time your lecturer is just reading from PowerPoint slides which will be online later.

We totally DO recommend going to as many classes as you can, though. You are paying for them after all – and it sure ain’t cheap.

10. You might think you need a full set of kitchen utensils… but you really don’t.

You’re one person. What singular person needs four knives, four spoons, four forks, four big plates, four little plates and four bowls? Not you.

Don’t make your life twelve times harder by having to decide which of your many, many bowls to scoff your midnight cereal snack out of.

11. Or maybe you do, if your flatmates are kleptomaniacs

Four weeks into uni you’re going to be tired of how many times you’ve messaged the group chat demanding to know which of your flatmates stole your favourite mug. AGAIN.

They’re pretty sick of you too, and will probably tell you to loosen up a bit, but surely it’s not that hard to ask for basic respect out of the people you’re living with for the next year?

12. You’re not going to be a culinary genius

And nobody will think any differently of you because of it. All we can is, well, at least TRY and stay healthy… if not for anything else, for your mum’s piece of mind.

13. You also probably won’t meet The One, unfortunately

With couples like Kate and Wills giving us such high expectations, it’s no wonder freshers has so much pressure for love at first sight. Unfortunately, though you think everyone might have matured now they’re at university, you’d be sorely mistaken… good look picking out the good egg in this chicken-y mess.

If you do manage to find Prince Charming in your Biology lecture though, do let us know.

14. But all things considered, you really will have the time of your life

There might be some major ups and downs but at the end of the day, uni is pretty cool and is definitely going to be one of the memories we cherish forever.

Well! Do you feel more prepared for uni now? We’ve laid down the bare realities of freshers and first year but if that’s not enough, check out YouTube star Noodlerella spilling the tea on uni life.

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