Fresh avocado, where are you? Trump declares war on fave fruit and America is livid

Toast will never be the same

So Trump will build a wall. Paid for by Mexico. And yea we’ve heard it, we know. But what we didn’t know until recently was how that would work exactly. He can’t force Mexico to do anything. He can, however, raise taxes on Mexican imports.

That means avocados. That means people are pissed. And to avocado outsiders? That feels oddly misplaced.

That’s right, ol’ Trumpio has a plan, and that plan will be increasing how much it costs for the American people to buy stuff imported from Mexico.

So, a humongoloid wall goes up. It looks horrendous, it sounds horrendous and it IS actually horrendous. And then, nobody can afford guacamole anymore so Taco Bell goes out of business.

Turns out people feel very strongly about their green fleshy fruit.

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On the one hand, surely it’s a good thing that people are finally feeling some kind of outrage at this inflatable wall business (what? It might as well be blow-up bricks, fill them with exasperated sighs). But with the avocado having it’s “white people” and “hipster” rep, it tastes a little sour:

Plus, this kid is going to be HELLA sad come Christmas:

Trump’s first moves as POTUS have been shocking, however not unexpected. His global gag rule, being chill about waterboarding and other torture methods…

But somehow THE AVOCADO is a step too far?

It sounds ridiculous because it actually is. Stressing over a fruit when actually Trump is implementing a plan that is on par with the Berlin Wall…

Maybe, just maybe, being a little bit silly is the only way to keep from crying ourselves into salty puddles of frustrated tears and angry acne skin.

Regardless of where you stand on the #AvocadoTax the facts remains that Mexico will pay for the wall. And then America will pay for it in taxes. Then Mexico will pay for it twice as they were the third highest supplier of goods in 2015. So… if it costs too much, people won’t buy, right?

Over to you: How do you feel about all this avocado business? Tell us in the comments below!

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