Little Mix were overwhelmed by this French fan project. It’ll make you proud to be a Mixer

Little Mix have recently been travelling across Europe to perform their amazing ‘Get Weird’ tour. The European fans are always out in force to welcome any artist and this was no different.

The French Mixers came up with an incredible project to surprise the girls at the end of the show on the 23rd June – they decided to sing ‘Cannonball’ AKA the girls’ winning single from ‘The X Factor.’ Check out what went on…


cute gif

We salute you, Mixers. This was such a cute tribute to Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade and they clearly fell in love with it. We have, too.

What do you think – the cutest project ever? Were you there to witness it? Tweet us @maximumpop while we stop sweating from our eyes.

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