Free ice cream and 9 other reasons you need ‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ in your life

And you will, too

Flora Banks is officially out in the world so we only feel it’s right to shout about this gorgeous debut a little more. It’s honestly one of the best debuts around.

When Flora kisses her best friend’s boyfriend and remembers it, everything changes. This is Flora’s first new memory in 7 years – she has anterograde amnesia and remembers nothing after the age of 10. Except this kiss. Convinced this boy holds the key to her memories, she follows him on a trek to the Arctic desperate for answers. It’s a trip she will never forget.

Just in case you need a little more convincing to sprint to the bookstore to grab yourself a copy, here’s 10 reasons why we love this book oh-so-much. We know you’ll love it too.

‘Flora Banks’ is so tense and addictive you won’t be able to sit still

And yet you’ll still read it in one sitting. Whoops. It happens. ENJOY.

Flora can’t help but be an unreliable narrator

She has to write herself clues in her diary and on her hands, but who’s to say that past Flora had something that she didn’t want to remember. And then there’s everyone else…

‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ is NOT a YA love story

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking – ‘But it talks about a kiss in the synopsis!’ – just trust us. We wouldn’t lead you astray. There’s adventure, secrets, mysteries and a whole load of emotion, but ‘Flora Banks’ isn’t a romance.

It’s set in the Arctic!

We’ve definitely never seen YA head to the Arctic before – have you? This isolated, deadly landscape comes alive under Emily Barr and we’ve vowed to visit after experiencing Flora’s adventures.


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Emily Barr is hella awesome

Authors are so cool, man.

Emily has a bunny that looks like Donald Trump. We think she officially just won the internet tbh.

Did you SEE the ice cream cart at YALC?!

If that’s not a promise of an amazing book then we don’t know what is! (The ice cream was excellent, btw. We obvs had to test it.)

It’s all a puzzle

If you thought the jigsaw-esque cover was cool, you clearly didn’t see the amazing puzzles that flooded social media in the run up to Flora hitting the shelves. Amazing.

We’ve got serious cover love

The colours, the torn paper-puzzle, the font. EVERYTHING. We just had to make a quick video on Instagram to show it off in all its wintry glory.

The book launch was at London’s Ice Bar

Cool, huh? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) The YA book world was tweeting up a storm about the fantastic time and friendly author faces they bumped into and it looked like the most fun ever.

Flora’s bravery

Flora’s life is full of unanswered questions and the knowledge of everything she’s going to forget so to even carry on trying to live your best life takes some serious gumption.

Grab yourself a copy stat! Read it already? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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Written by Sophie Waters

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