4 date ideas for £0, £5 and £15 that even the WORST daters can ace

Win over your crush

I’m rubbish at dating. In fact, rubbish doesn’t even cover it. Your pet cat is probably better at organising dates than I am. That’s why, I’ve been doing some super in-depth research on places where you can take your crush on a student-budget.

Think of it as the world’s easiest dating guide – even those who are horrific at swooning their crush will completely win them over after seeing these ideas. Not only are they WAY better than the cliché choices of going to the cinema or having a romantic meal in McDonalds (not that I have anything against giving your crush McNuggets as opposed to flowers, mind you) but they’re also super affordable.

Ready to win over the love of your life? *Cough* Harry Styles.


1. Go for a stroll and get lost on purpose

This date is exactly what it sounds. Go for a walk without the intention of going anywhere. Who knows? You could end up at a local park or in a mysterious Forest. There’s only one rule with this date and that’s NO Google Maps. Got it? Good.

2. Visit a museum

Plenty of museums offer free entry and are far from boring. The Natural History Museum in London has exhibitions on dinosaurs and it’s roaring fun. There’s also the V&A Museum in London, as well as other local exhibitions and art shows that are on all over the country. Check out Time Out and see what’s on in your area.

3. Have a bookstore scavenger hunt

Take your crush to a bookstore and have an epic show and tell session. See what books they’re into and tell them all about your bookish passions. I suggest going to a massive bookstore like Barnes & Noble or Foyles. Make sure there’s a coffee shop in the store too! That way you can have a drink half way through your shopping spree and find out super important information about your crush like what Hogwarts House they’re in.

4. Attempt to set a Guinness World Record for kissing the longest

Pucker up! The record for the longest kiss is 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. It’s currently held by a Thai couple called Ekkachai and Laksana. You can watch the lovebirds complete it by clicking here – it will deffo inspire you to have a go yourself.


1. Go to the beach and toast marshmallows

Spread the warm and fuzzy feels by lighting a warm and fuzzy bonfire. You can find out your nearest beach by visiting this website. There’s hundreds throughout the UK so there’s plenty of choice. As for your marshmallow preference, these mega marshmallows taste AMAZING when toasted on a disposable BBQ from Tesco.

2. Go to an arcade and play on all the machines

Who wouldn’t want to go on a date that involves video games and slot machines?! This idea has our geeky heart fluttering 563728 mph. Seaside towns like Blackpool, Brighton and Bournemouth have plenty of go-to hot spots. If you live near Portsmouth there’s also the UK’s first Arcade Cafe. It’s called Game Over and is the coolest place ever.

3. Build a bouquet of McDonalds Chicken Nuggets

Surprise your crush with a bouquet of McDonalds chicken nuggets at their house or after they finish work. Just make sure they’re not veggie first, okay? 2 Chicken McNuggets Share Boxes should be enough to create your masterpiece. If you need a little inspo first, check out this YouTube tutorial. Warning: It will make you hungry.

4. Go on a coffee walk

If it’s a brew-tiful day, grab a takeaway coffee and go on a walk. Heck, even if it’s not a brew-tiful day, wrap up warm and still go out for a walk. You can take a hat and scarf with you and head to your nearest Starbucks or Costa. Alternatively, if you wanna save a little money, you could always surprise your date with a ThermoFlask full of coffee and warm hugs. How cute.


1. Bake heaps of sugary treats together

Find out if your crush as sweet as sugar by baking cookies and cakes. BBC Good Food have heaps and heaps of free baking recipes you can follow. Or, if you’re an amateur baker, there’s nothing wrong with buying some pre-made cake mix from Asda and loads of decorative icing and coloured sprinkles.

2. Go to your local music venue without seeing who’s playing first

If you and your crush are both into music, sporadically turn up at your local music venue and see who’s playing. Have a quick google to find out your nearest pub. You can also search for local events on Facebook. The band could be amazing or they could be rubbish – either way it’ll be a fun night.

3. Grab some snacks and go on a bike ride

DIY yourself a picnic packed to the brim with sandwiches, crisps and cookies and go on a bike ride. If you don’t own a bike yourself, don’t worry, you won’t need to borrow your little bro’s. Plenty of towns and cities have schemes in place where you can rent one for a few hours. London has Santander Cycles, Bristol has YoBike and Brighton has SoBi. Often you rent the bikes by downloading an app on your phone but it varies from scheme to scheme. Google it and see what scheme is in place in your area.

4. Go to an aquarium

Win your crush over with baby animals. Who doesn’t love penguins? The SEA LIFE Centre is one of the biggest and most-well known aquarium franchises in the UK. They have over 13 centres across the UK in towns and cities like Brighton, Manchester, Great Yarmouth, Weymouth and more. There’s also the Oceanarium in Bournemouth and the Bristol Aquarium in (yep you guessed it!) Bristol.

Have you got any suggestions for dates? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll add them. 

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