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Exclusive: We chat to Francesca Capaldi, voice of the Little Red Haired Girl in ‘The Peanuts Movie’

BIG NEWS! Today it has been announced that Francesca Capaldi will voice the role of the Little Red-Haired Girl in the upcoming film Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie. We’ve known about this news for a little while now and jumped on the phone with Francesca earlier this week. Find out what she has to say about the film and her role on Disney Channel’s ‘Dog with a Blog’ in our interview below.


Snoopy and Charlie Brown:The Peanuts Movie is your first ever voice role! How did it feel to not be on camera but to actually just have your voice featured in a production for the first time?

It’s such an amazing feeling, I love working for voice and it’s just so fun because you can embody someone else and you can see your voice coming out of someone else’s body which is really cool and it’s very exciting to see.

Did you find it easier or harder than being in front of the camera?

I found it easier and harder both at the same time. It’s just very different because on set with a camera you have hair and make up and you have to learn your lines and not have the script but with voice, it doesn’t matter what you look like and you see the script for the first time when you go into the booth.

Is voice work something that you’d like to do more of in the future?

Yes, it’s super fun! I love the feeling of doing it and it’s so good to know that people are going to see this film and it was so much fun to work on so yes, I’d love to do more of it.

The original Peanuts strip began to run in 1950 which we’re all bit too young to remember but it ended in 2000, which is four years before you were born. Did you know much about Peanuts before you were offered this role or did you have to do a lot of research?

Well actually, my parents love Peanuts so for all holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and Halloween, we would watch Peanuts so I really liked that and I always loved the characters, they’re so cute! So I knew about it and when I went in for the audition I was really excited because I knew that my mom and dad both loved them so I knew quite a little bit about them but I didn’t know much about the Little Red Haired Girl because she was always very mysterious so I did have to learn a little bit about her.


Apart from the obvious with the red hair, do you find any similarities between yourself and the Little Red Haired Girl?

Yes, I do find some similarities! Well, I think she is shy, and I’m not shy but she is very sweet and very kind which I always try to be, and I think she likes Charlie Brown but she doesn’t want to say because she’s very shy, but I do find a connection to her. I feel like we are similar in some sort of ways.

Our readers will know you best for your work on Disney Channel’s ‘Dog with a Blog’. How much fun is that to work on?

It’s so much fun because I get to work with a dog all the time, and although Snoopy is a dog it’s so much to have a live dog on set and it’s a great cast and I love the show and we’re so happy on set and we really are just like a real family, we have such a good relationship and we all just really love the show.

Obviously the Snoopy series and Dog with a Blog both feature dogs. Do you have any dogs of your own?

I actually don’t have any dogs. I really want a dog but I don’t have one yet. All my friends have dogs so I’m so used to being with them and the dog from the show is like my dog because I get to spend so much time with him on set.

Are any of your friends jealous that you get to work on Disney Channel?

No, they’re not. They’ve very supportive and they love watching the show and they are really nice and kind about it. They actually come down to the set sometimes so I don’t think there’s any jealousy there.

Who’s the most famous person that you’ve met since your time at Disney?

I was actually at a Disney premiere event and got to meet Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and when we went into the theatre I met their entire family which was such an amazing experience. They were so nice and so sweet and they said that they liked my show so that was very exciting.

Did they give you any advice about handling fame at a young age?

They actually gave me a bit of advice on staying humble but we mainly spoke about our families and how they’ll always support us know matter what but they told me not to get caught up in it all and that was it basically.

Finally, if you could pick to live the life of another Disney girl – past or present – who would you choose and why?

I actually did an episode of Jessie and their cast was really nice so I would probably live the life of Debby Ryan or Peyton List because they’re very sweet and nice and I love their characters on Jessie and they’re all so funny on the show and they were very nice to me and I love working on their set, so that is who I would pick.

Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie hits UK cinemas on December 21.


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