Meet the Irish singer who Ed Sheeran and Lucy Hale are obsessed with

If you’re going to get music recs from anyone, it has to be from Ed Sheeran and Lucy Hale (and us at Maximum Pop!, obvs). They’re currently obsessed with Irishman Foy Vance, who you’ve probably heard of before thanks to Mr Sheeran.


Foy Vance (not to be confused with Vance Joy) has released a video for his lead single ‘She Burns’ which features the beautiful Lucy Hale looking super 60’s in this homage to the olden day screen tests. The video screams Aria from ‘Pretty Little Liars‘, she’d totally dig this.

‘She Burns’ is taken from Foy’s third album ‘The Wild Swan’ which is being released through Ed Sheeran’s label Gingerbead Man Records (because yanno, Ed signed him like the great guy he is) and you’ll be able to buy it on 13th May, or you can pre-order it now!


Is Foy Vance your new cup of tea then? Tell us on Twitter @maximumpop and make sure to include a gif of Ed Sheeran. Foy is definitely something different but we can see why Ed and Lucy are head over heels for him.

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