7 5 Seconds of Summer songs that could be have been huge hit singles

5SOS have released some amazing singles in their time, but we can’t help thinking about the forgotten songs which are so underrated and could have even been potential singles that we would have turned up whenever they came on the radio. Here are some examples of what we mean…


‘English Love Affair’

This is possibly our ultimate favourite on the first album. It’s definitely got an edge. We feel like putting on red lipstick with a low cut top like total badasses when we listen to it. This song sure ain’t no bubblegum pop!


‘Vapor’ is such a beautiful song and the lyrics are just so well written. Hearing this on the radio would definitely give us chills.

‘Long Way Home’

Possibly our favourite love song ever. A tale of a modern day romance and how to keep the love alive with a spontaneous journey home, the long way round of course. We can imagine so many people playing this on their long trips home and it would be the perfect soundtrack to any date. Sigh.


The anthem of all rejects and misfits. It’s no secret that we are rejects, but we’re totally okay with it. And what a bop, to be fair.

‘Never Be’

The song about living in the moment because we never will be as young as we are now. A great life philosophy. It inspires us to do what we want to do because now is our time.

‘Beside You’

A golden oldie. This song has been around for a very long time, way before 5SOS even dreamt of touring with One Direction or getting signed. Another beautiful and romantic tune.


Slight more edge in this song but my oh my wouldn’t this song sound amazing on the charts? Don’t even get us started on the melody.

What do you think? Have we missed any 5SOS songs which should have been singles? Let us know @maximumpop while we listen to 5SOS all day.

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