I tried going hipster for a weekend at Flow Festival and it was beard and snapback overload

As a basic bitch, the way of the hipster has always been a mystery to me.


So I decided to go undercover to the most hipster festival of them all, Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland.


The festival only started in 2004 so it has yet to be discovered by anyone but hipsters (who go because they’re sick of all the basics like me at V Festival). It combines music with art installments, conferences and alternative performances. So it’s pretty damn unique. Just take a look at all this hipster amazingness.

When we rocked up I must have forgotten that hipsters don’t usually wear tank tops… I was by far the most underdressed. BUT IT WAS HOT DAMMIT.


I attempted to get into the brooding hipster music scene. Just look at me blending effortlessly into this cool ass street art…. NOT.


At this point I should just clarify that this, or some variation on this, is what most people were wearing… so many caps.

I just wish I’d found this guy.

We did stop for a while to swing on these indescribably comfortable wicker hanging chairs tho. Life made.


In fact the sheer inventiveness and inspiration behind the seating left us not knowing quite whether it was a seat or a work of art.



The festival was set on an old industrial estate. Hipster love the steam punk aesthetic so I hear.


The stages and backdrop were similarly inspired.

IMG_8185   IMG_8188

Oh yeah and Sia was there. Nice of her to show up.


She brought friends too!

We also caught a nice bit of Dua Lipa, who turned the Black Tent into a gay club for the night.

And it’s always a pleasure to see a bit of CHVRCHES too.

My conclusion is that it was super fun mingling with people so obviously cooler than me and fun to play dress up and spot the beard, but I kinda failed at being a hipster myself. Guess I will always be basic AF. I’m off to Starbucks but I will always have my smart phone on me (‘cos basic) so you leave comments @maximumpop.


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