Bookstagrammer floralsndragons makes this clothing item a staple part of her photos, and we’re obsessed!

Recently we got the chance to put a few questions to Vee, who runs the gorgeous bookstagram account floralsndragons. With over 11k followers and a knack for snapping perfect bookish photos, we were thrilled to find out ALL the answers to how she got started on Instagram, what she loves the most about JoJo Moyles’s ‘Me Before You’, and just where her sock obsession came from.

What first attracted you to bookstagram and made you begin posting bookish photos? I was talking to my friend and I thought it would be such a fun hobby to get into reviewing books. Little did I know that it became my main focus each day. I am such a book nerd, so I wanted to follow my passion.

How long have you been a part of the bookish corner of Instagram? I started back in October of 2015. It was the week I had my wisdom tooth out. I was home for that week so I thought let me start it. Nine months later—it has became a success.

Could you describe your Instagram “aesthetic” in only three words? The whole “sock theme” started back in December. Someone had mention about how cool my socks were when #socksunday had happen. So I told myself I would do a whole month of socks… well that month turned into seven months of full socks! I guess the style was comfy. I love reading when I’m cozying up with my cat and with blankets. A  good coffee followed by treats are a must have! So I wanted to create the perfect place to read.

We know how great bookstagram is, but what is one of your fave things about it? I kid you not, my favourite thing is the people. I consider all the people my friends. I get to chat with them about stories and characters, and not feel judge. I love that I could wake up on a bad day and have such tremendous love from others. I’ve met some of my best friends on this  and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

And now, let’s spotlight some of your incredible pics! What is your favourite prop you’ve used in your photos? I love my typewriter. I legit love it so much I can’t stop using it. The story behind it—my grandpa kept it from the sixties and I’m so glad. I always get questions about where it’s fun and it’s just a reminder of how it was meant for me.

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Is there one book that’s so beautiful you just can’t help but take a million pictures of it? ‘Me Before You’ – that book is feelings. I cried and laughed so hard. I can’t remember how much I had a terrible ugly cry but it was well worth it. I think I love it so much is because the main character is like me. I think I have her interesting and fun style so it was kind of reading me.

Happy Thursday friends❤️🤓 Deni and I are pulling out the sappy movies and catching up on some reads – it's a cozy comfy day for us😂 Also – I am obsessed over the new Justin Timberlake song 🎉 Day 11: book wonderlust | author you want to meet I can't wait to go this summer to SCOTLAND! Yes, it's happening. Vee is going to see some castles, bookshops, and London! Im so thrilled to be heading to a place I've been dreaming of going. I've read so many books involving Scotland and I get so excited – can't wait to take photos! Next week is a big one – @chaptersindigo will be having @jojomoyesofficial and I can't wait to meet her🎉🐝 Any other bloggers going to see her :) ❣ Which author would you love to meet? . . #nerdybookchallenge #lilbookishapril #maybooksberead16 #bookworm #bookstagram #books #bookish #yabooks #mebeforeyou #socks #hottopic #cats #bookstagramfeature #bookshelves #currentlyreading #bibliophile #book #instabooks #literature #booksofinstagram #bookblogger #booknerdigans #cats #catsofinstagram #sockswag #socksofinstagram #socks #chaptersindigo #mebeforeyou

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Overall, ultimate fave picture you’ve ever taken? It was the photo of me… I usually hate showing myself. I really do. So for me to do a photo of myself was extremely hard. It wasn’t even my whole face just my side. But, it was the way I got to show off who I was. The girly-girl at heart stuck between book boyfriends and adventures.

Good morning my beauties!!! Yesterday I saw the coolest thing ever. I hit 10K. 🎉☺️😍. I honestly didn't expect that I would be anywhere near that. (Side note) I'm finishing my very first video – posting next week! When I started, I just thought I'd post photos and chat with others. But I met people who I call family. As well, you love my silliness! Life is too short to not embrace your uniqueness😍😎. – – •Thank you to @thegraduatedbookworm – since day one we somehow cross paths and now you've been the rock. 🤓 @itsabookishthing13 Mela! My darling! Thank you for being an amazing soul! 😍 I love you both and wouldn't trade you for the world.. Okay if Henry Cavill was in it maybe 😉 I'm kidding! – – Special Shot out to these amazing dolls for always giving me such positive vibes since the beginning! ❤️☺️ @oasisgirlmd @rachel_l_schade @the.literary.omnivore @aninfinitebook @pardonmywritings @aleema_s @m0dern.nature @erenareads Lastly, to all my new friends, thank you for taking the time to liking my photos, comment, and saying beautiful messages. You don't know how much I love waking up each day seeing how sweet and kind you all are! ❤️😎 Much love, xoxo -Vee – – – #bookworm #bookgasm #booknerd #yabooks #reading #totalbooknerd #bookstagram #bookstagramfeature #instareads #instabook #ya #fangirl #bookaholic #bibliophile #biblio #bookish #igreads #onthebed #yareads #bookaddict #bookblogger #socks #shelfie #bookshelf

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Thank you Vee for chatting to us! You can follow her on Insta at floralsndragons or tweet any further questions you have for her @floralsndragons.

Wish your bookstagram was filled with beautiful pics like Vee’s? Us too – we’re filled with bookish envy. Come chat to us about your fave of her snaps or the other bookstagrammers you love @maximumpopbooks. And, if you’re feeling generous, you can give the MP! Books Instagram a lovely little follow too.

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