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Fleur East chats to Notion Magazine about her debut album and superstitions.

We’re all on the edge of our seats to hear ‘Sax’, the debut single from Fleur East when it gets released at the end of the month, and now she’s got us all excited speaking about the small matter of her debut album which we can expect before Christmas.

Speaking to Notion Magazine about the upcoming release, Fleur said: “It is very exciting but at the same time… I think it’s funny because when you come off the show, everybody just thinks ‘oh you’ve made it, you’re a big star now’, but in my mind it’s just like okay that was one chapter, but now this is the next chapter and I’m basically starting from square one. Now I’m competing with every other artist in the music industry which is probably even a bigger task that what I’ve just been through.

But did she ever think she was safe when on ‘The X Factor’? “No, never. I got shocked every single week; never ever think you’re safe. I was never comfortable at any point.”

And with Halloween coming up, the mag just had to as if Fleur believes in superstitions. “I believe that if you speak things, you can make them happen, you speak things into existence. So The Secret- that theory I really like because I think if you say something enough, for example when I was on the show, I’d say, ‘Next week I’m going to do this song, so I have to get through this week to do this song, coz I have to perform that song next week’. If I’m saying it, I’m being positive about it and my mind is focused on it, it’ll happen.”

And here’s some pictures of Ms East looking lovely as always in a photoshoot for the magazine.

Fleur’s debut single ‘Sax’ is released October 30. Pre-order here.

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