Amazing Album Alert: We review Fleur East’s ‘Love, Sax and Flashbacks’ using an afro scale. Obvs.

GIVE IT TO ME! Last year’s X Factor runner-up Fleur East finally releases her first album ‘Love, Sax and Flashbacks’ tomorrow and we’ve had a sneaky early listen to it. Have a read through our track-by-track review to see how many afros we score the debut effort and whether or not you should be making a last minute addition to your Christmas lists.


01. Sax

We’ve all heard this one, haven’t we? If you haven’t then you’re seriously missing out because this is one of our favourite tracks of the whole entire year, and it might be one of our favourite lead singles, term, EVER! Let’s remind ourselves of that jaw-dropping X Factor performance, shall we?

Afros out of 5: 5

02. Breakfast

We first heard this track at Fleur’s album listening experience in October and were thrilled that it was released as an instant grat track a couple of weeks ago. When we first hear it, it was our favourite song we’d heard from the album. Since hearing the other tracks, it’s still a firm fave of ours and we’d love to see it become Fleur’s next single.

Afros out of 5: 5

03. More and More

This has such an 80s throwback feel to it and reminds us of something we would have found on an early Whitney album. We can’t help but think it would have fit perfectly onto Little Mix’s ‘Get Weird’ either, which is a pretty amazing album itself.

Afros out of 5: 4

04. Gold Watch

We heard this one at the album listening experience too and even though it’s a really good track, it’s not as strong as it’s predecessors. It sounds a bit like ‘Sax’ we suppose so that indicates that it’s still bloody good, right?

Afros out of 5: 3

05. Love Me or Leave Me Alone

This track’s quite slow moving at the start but Fleur rapping half way through completely saves it.

Afros out of 5: 2.5

06. Paris

FLEUR FACT KLAXON: This track was written after Fleur and her writers ate a French restaurant and headed back to the studio to do absolutely nothing. After mucking about for a bit, this song came together and we’re bloody glad it did. We absolutely love it, and it’s a bit naughty – brilliant!

Afros out of 5: 3.5

07. Kitchen

OH. MY. COWELL. Take back everything we said about wanting ‘Breakfast’ to be the next single because if this isn’t the chosen one, we’re going to be sulking for days on end. Download it, stream it, whatever, just send it rocketing up the charts please. PLEASE?

Afros of out 5: 5


08. Over Getting Over

How many favourites can we have? This one is a great club banger that we’re sure will go down a treat at all of your Christmas parties this year. Grab a bottle of pop, turn this up full blast and have a boogie round the vol-au-vents with your gran pronto.

Afros out of 5: 4

09. Baby Don’t Dance

Ok, so we were going to give ‘Over Getting Over’ 5 afros but then ‘Baby Don’t Dance’ started and we squealed, ruffled our own non-existing afro and had a little twerk round the office Christmas tree. If the album was full of this song twelve times, we’d still love it.

Afros out of 5: 5

10. Tears Will Dry

This is our new ultimate heartbreak track. When someone mentions heartbreak tracks to us, we often think of slow songs but this is one of the most upbeat and lively tracks on the album, showing that Fleur really doesn’t care about the former love in her life. Werk it gurl.

Afros out of 5: 5

11. Never Say When

Another 80s throwback track that’s so amazing we’re thinking we might have been born in the wrong era. We can’t wait to teach our mums the words to this one.

Afros out of 5: 4

12. Like That

All we’re going to say about this one is: TOUR OPENER.

Afros out of 5: 4

13. Serious

This song genuinely is really good but we think it gets swallowed up by the level of amazingness that the other tracks on the album have. We can see why it’s been left for the deluxe edition of the album.

Afros out of 5: 2

14. Know Your Name

A cute love song about wanting to find out the name of the person you’ve been crushing on. We might have to go and sing this rather loudly at the cute guy that works in the corner shop that we’ve been crushing on for months.

Afros out of 5: 3.5

15. Uptown Funk

No, you’re not seeing things, that does say ‘Uptown Funk’. No, it’s not a coincidence, this is actual ‘Uptown Funk’. After slaying us all with her iTunes topping performance of the track on last year’s X Factor, Fleur had to put it on the album didn’t she? It’s as if this track was made for her.

Afros out of 5: 5

16. Girl On Fire

Another cover to round off the album. This track features in Virgin Media’s current television advert – yes, that’s Fleur! This is a really nice cover of the Alicia Keys track and a great addition to the album.

Afros out of 5: 4

‘Love, Sax and Flashbacks’ is a great reflection of what we wanted to hear from Fleur’s debut album. It’s sassy and sexy but most of all it’s fun. We’re sure that this album will bring a lot of success for Fleur and be the first of many in her collection.

Afros out of 80: 64.5

‘Love, Sax and Flashbacks’ is released December 4. Signed copies are available from Fleur’s official store.

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