Five times males gave us hair envy

Let it never be said that the females are the dons of the hair world. Oh no my friend. The lads are coming through with hairdryer in hand, straighteners on high heat and split ends that don’t even exist.


Us? Jealous?



(OK possibly)


Males are going full throttle with the hair game – gone are the days where most males rocked a nifty short back and sides. We’re in the days of highlights, length, and sheer glossy lion manes blowing in the wind. Curly on top, short underneath, layers – it’s a whole new world. And we LOVE IT.

We seem to have developed a bit of… what you could call… hair envy for these fine specimens. But instead of being ghoulishly green with envy, let’s instead celebrate the lads with the most luscious locks and take a peek at our fave five:

1. Justin Bieber

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You know, I know, everybody knows the passion everyone had for the Bieb’s swishy, over-the-eye hair – the one where he’d have to shake his head every 20 seconds to get it out of his eyes (SO COOL at the time). But as with his music, he evolved – he transformed into some sort of sophisticated, model-looking hottie, with highlights, shimmer and shine. Now he’s whipped the whole lot off again, but we still remember. You go Biebs.

2. Harry Styles

harry styles

Can we go one day without discussing Harry Styles hair please? No? Thought not. There couldn’t be a hair envy list without the man himself – the head of hair which almost caused Armageddon when people thought he chopped it off. He’s had it short, long, curly, wavy, and still looks every bit of the man God we know and love. Take a bow, Mr Styles.

3. Jason Momoa

In love with the castle. See u soon. Have a beautiful Easter. Aloha j

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Stay with me on this one guys. You know that hottie who played Daenerys Targaryen’s (aka Dragon lady) hubby Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones? Well let me tell you, what a head of hair both in and out of the show. Proving that lads can dip-dye just as well as the gals, his tousled locks are better to look at than a dragon coming over the mountains. Too much Game of Thrones for me.

4. Zayn Malik


Yes we are going back to 1D – but we can’t help it. Their hair is just too darn good. How is it that when I tried to do a flash of blonde in my hair I looked like Cruella Devil, but Zayn has mastered the look to perfection?

5. Chris Hemsworth

chris hems

Alright Thor, not only do you have a rocking bod, but your hair is something else. The Australian actor scored People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ award in 2014, and we think his locks had something to do with it – bouncy, blonde and just… BLIMEY! Goldilocks, eat your heart out. The Hemsworth has arrived.

Have any males given you hair envy? Giz a Tweet at @maximumpop to start the convo!

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