If you’re thinking of getting your first tattoo, here’s some advice for you.

Getting your first tattoo is an exciting time, but here are some things you should think about before you get inked for life.

1. Don’t get one if you’re not 18 yet, because as much as you think you’d love to have all of One Direction on your body forever, you’re probably gonna regret in a few years.

2. While you should definitely think about what you’re getting for      quite some time, it’s absolutely ok to be a bit spontaneous and not plan what you’re getting two years in advance.

3.  That said, wanting a tattoo should not be a spontaneous whim. I had been wanting a tattoo for years before I got my first one.

4. Choose the size of your tattoo wisely. I’d advise you to get something small first since you have no idea how you’ll handle the pain.

5. Choose a spot that you love. Even though most people would tell you to get it somewhere where it won’t be easily visible since some jobs are still discriminating about tattoos, you’ll have to live with it forever.

6. When choosing your spot, think about how much it’ll hurt there. You can try it out by pinching your skin as hard as you can with your fingernails and if you think you wouldn’t be able to stand the pain for more than 10 minutes, choose another spot. How it’ll hurt is completely different for every person!

7. I know saving is great, but a tattoo is not the right thing to save on. Research is key when you’re trying to find the best tattoo parlor in your area. Chances are it’s not gonna be the cheapest option but you’ll have it for life and there are health risks involved.

8. Before getting a tattoo, try drawing it where you want it with a pen just so you know how it’ll look.

9. If you’re thinking something along the lines of ‘I can just get it removed if I start hating it’ DON’T GET ONE.

10. Don’t get something in a foreign language you don’t speak. There’s too much that can go wrong with that.

Now for the actual tattooing process:

11. Have someone drive you there. You never know if you’ll get dizzy.

12. Wear comfy clothes and depending on the spot something loose enough that your desired area can be easily accessed.

13. Eat something before your appointment even if you feel like you can’t. Your body will thank you later.

14. This is a given, but go to the bathroom before getting the tattoo.

15. Take a sugary drink, like coke, and something like a lollipop with you to lessen your chances of fainting. Continue to drink it after as well so your blood sugar doesn’t drop too quickly. Believe me, I’ve been there and it wasn’t fun.

16. After they put their stencil on, check if it’s exactly how you want it and make sure the spelling is right if you’re getting words or a sentence done.

17.  The cleaning process will be quite tedious if you follow the instructions, which I strongly suggest you do, so think about that as well.

18. The tattoo might bleed depending on where you’re getting it, but don’t worry about it, it should be fine. In my case, the one on my rib cage was the one that bled the most, while the one on my wrist was completely blood-free.

19. You’ll probably imagine it to hurt more than it does. I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it at all, but I think the whole process feels quite nice since it’s so continuous and rhythmic.

20. Tattoos can be very addicting and just getting one and stopping after that is quite hard. Just look at Louis Tomlinson or Harry Styles.

21. Don’t count on someone being allowed to hold your hand while getting it done. Where I’m from nobody is allowed to be next to you while getting your tattoo.

The Golden Rule: Have fun with it! Tattoos are a great piece of art.

Disclaimer: This is purely based on my experiences.

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