Quiz: You’ll never be able to guess where these opening lines are from, guaranteed.

We’ve challenged you to match blurbs to books, we’ve questioned whether you could guess their ages, and now we’re asking whether or not you can identify these fab books by their very first lines. Sounds simple, right?

This is possibly the MOST CHALLENGING YET. Can you take it on? These short sentences might seem pretty easy but we know you’ve totally forgotten how your faves started. Willing to prove us wrong?

How did you do? Are you still reigning monarchy of YA or do you need to go back and read some of your faves again? Let us know how you did @maximumpopbooks!

If you still need to prove yourself, check out our other quizzes which will legit have your head spinning. And for more behind-the-scenes on your fave books, check out the fab authors we have in our Snapchat directory! Need tempting? The brilliant Louise O’Neill is not to be missed.

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