Finn Wolfhard is so amazing he should be called Finn Lovehard

He’s the most precious kid in Hollywood!

Listen up, everyone. You’ll be spitting out your morning Cheerios and stanning SO hard after hearing about this new star. ‘Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard has been all over the Internet recently and if you haven’t already heard of him, now’s the time to get acquainted.

As most of you guys already know, Finn play’s Mike in ‘Stranger Things’. Netflix has just released the second season and everyone’s loving his acting skills – cue the binge-watching!

Finn also starred in the terrifying ‘It’, which has received bucketloads of praise, and also proven that he has more mortal spine than actors twice his age by firing his talent agency after his agent was accused of sexual assault.

All-in-all, he’s absolutely precious and is going to be massive in the years to come. Don’t just take our word for it, though. We’ve rounded up a load of reasons why the internet loves Finn Wolfhard. So much so that he should really be called Finn Lovehard – he’s spreading that much joy.

Once you’ve finished reading the round-up you can also play Maximum Pop!’s new quiz and see which member of the ‘Stranger Things’ gang you actually are. Fingers crossed it’s Mike.

1. First up, he’s unproblematic and it’s refreshing af

2. He’s setting an example for men who are twice his age

3. His behaviour is making us friggin’ emotional

4. He's also the best tweeter ever

5. He's basically a walking meme

6. He doesn't shy away from bold fashion choices

7. He's in a band and basically the coolest 14 year old you'll ever meet

What do you think of Finn Wolfhard? Are you watching Stranger Things this weekend? Let us know in the comments below. You can also find out what character from Stranger Things you are by taking this quiz.

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