‘Finding Audrey’: author Sophie Kinsella talks about why love notes will never go out of style

‘Finding Audrey’ is, at a glance, a book about anxiety and recovery from it. However, if you’ve read Sophie Kinsella’s new YA novel, then you’ll know that it’s also a story about love.

When Audrey meets Linus, her brother’s gaming team mate, she can hardly look at him her anxiety is so acute. But then he tries something different. He writes notes – cute notes, notes with little jokes and nicknames, and in one, even a kiss – and slowly, he draws her out of the limitations of her mental illness.

Sophie Kinsella told Barnes and Noble how important she thought it was to keep the art of love notes alive, and that it was her own personal experience of pen-and-paper flirting that inspired her to include it in ‘Finding Audrey’.

“I remember the way we finally got together,” she says, referring to her first teen romance. “We were members of a tennis club which had alphabetized pigeonholes for notes. This was before mobile phones, so we kids used to leave each other notes all the time.”

“But then came the day of The Note. It was from him. And it wasn’t about tennis. It was about…Well, I won’t quote it exactly… I clutched this note all afternoon in a kind of fiery joy. I couldn’t believe such a thing existed.”

Check out the full article here and read more about Sophie Kinsella’s first teen romance, and what she thinks of love notes.

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Written by Laura Fulton

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