Looking for your next big obsession? Here’s how to find the fandom that will make you feel right at home

With 1D off on a break and Taylor Swift ready to disappear on her hols, you might be left thinking “… Well, what the hell do I do now?”


There’s probably a huge gap in your life leaving a lot of extra time to find and obsess over a new musical fave; there’s plenty to choose from.


So here’s our tips and tricks on how to pick the right fandom for you:

1) Find out who your friends are into: Who has better advice than your pals? Check out who they’re into and see if you’re into it too.mileywhatsgood

2) Do some digging of your own: If you keep hearing a certain artist’s name all the time, now would be a good time to check them out.


3) Pick one at random: Take a few you’ve got your eye on, write them down and pick one at random. Go wild but no peeping.


4) Think about the rivalry: Will your new fave cause tensions between you and your friends? Keep it civil, it’s all in fun! And remember, you are allowed to be a Belieber and a Selenator.


5) Find out who/what your current fave is into: Selena Gomez is super into DNCE (so much so that they’re joining her on tour) and Troye Sivan loves our latest obsession Astrid S. Pop stars make the best recommendations.


6) Does the fandom name fit in with your name? @LexiMixer16 or @xoHannahHarmonizer works but there are some names that might not go together. These things matter, think about them carefully!


7) Keep your eyes on Maximum Pop! obviously: We’re always scoping out the best in new pop stars so you don’t have to. If you’re looking for inspiration, we recommend checking out The Fooo Conspiracy and The Tide because we love them and they love us right back.


Are you thinking about joining a new fandom? Who do you have your eyes on at the moment? Tell us everything @maximumpop

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