MP! Guide: How to find the best headphones to listen to 5H’s ‘7/27’ and Ari’s ‘Dangerous Woman’

So your iPod is fully stacked with all the new albums you need. You’ve got Fifth Harmony’s ‘7/27’ on deck, you’re ready to be a ‘Dangerous Woman’ with Ariana Grande, you’re even saying ‘Thank You’ with Meghan Trainor.


Only to find that your headphones are broken.


Buying new headphones can be the WORST. You pay too little and you can end up having the worst listening experience of life, you spend too much and you can end up being broke and with horrible headphones.


There’s lots to consider when buying new headphones so we’ve put together our top tips for you to make sure you get the best value for your coins when picking up a new set of life savers aka headphones.

1) What style do you want? In ears? Over-head? buds? There’s lots of designs to choose from.


2) Wireless or nah? Wireless headphones are about to become the next big thing in tech; now might be the time to jump on the trend…


3) Do your research online: Look at sites like Amazon for recommendations and reviews.


4) Try some out in store: Head to your local music or tech store. They usually have a variety of options available for you to try before you buy.


5) Check with your friends: See which headphones your friends are rocking and try them out too. Maybe if they’re for you, you can get your own pair.


6) Check the specs: Bass Boost? Built in mics? Check what is available with your chosen pair and ask in store for recommendations.


7) Celebrity endorsements don’t mean anything: Just because your fave is rocking the latest new headphones doesn’t make them the best. Go with your own opinion.


8) Check for compatibility: Will these headphones work with your phone? Can they be used on your laptop?


9) Stick within your budget: Good headphones can cost around £100 and not everyone has that kind of money. There’s plenty of decent options at all price points so look around and ask for advice.


Now you should have the perfect headphones for all those bops. Have you bought any headphones lately? Show us what you’re rockin’ @maximumpop

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