10 reasons why you should LOVE Fifth Harmony

The lovely ladies of Fifth Harmony just made their UK TV debut on the X Factor semi-finals, performing their new single BO$$, and they smashed it! They are taking the UK and the world by storm, so we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should join the party and love Fifth Harmony.

1. They care about and treat their fans like friends.
These girls aren’t just performers who show up to sing. They genuinely care about their fans, sharing kind words and encouragement with them just like a best friend would! They take every opportunity they can to meet fans and to show gratitude and appreciation for all the love and support they’ve received.

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2. They care about important issues and stand up for what they believe in.
These ladies are far from just being talented singers who give the world great music. Their intelligent views on topics such as feminism, equality and respect are admirable, and their passion towards expressing these views has had a positive influence on thousands of Harmonizers around the world.

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3. They share a genuine bond.
These five girls are completely different from each other. They come from different parts of the US, come from different backgrounds, and have different tastes about practically everything – but from the moment we first saw them together, we could see their bond was undeniable. That bond has only gotten stronger over time. They support each other through thick and thin and it’s clear that they love each other just like sisters!

“I wouldn’t pick anybody! These girls are MY GIRLS!” [email protected]

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group hug 1-1 group hug-1 4. They’re hilarious! Whether it’s Camila’s goofy puns, Lauren’s clever wit, Dinah’s creative hashtags, Normani’s hilarious stories or Ally’s optimistic cheerfulness, the girls of Fifth Harmony know how to make people laugh! Their fans know that they can always count on these five girls to cheer them up during a bad time or just give them something to laugh about.

camila ca-1

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5. They have incredible voices.
With especially distinct tones, stunning five-part harmonies, and broad ranges under their belts, they can sing just about anything, and sound amazing doing it!

Thanks for having us today @shazam!! Just a little sneak peek of whats to come. #5HinLondon

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6. They are stunningly beautiful on the inside and out. While beauty isn’t everything, it doesn’t hurt that all five of these girls are absolutely gorgeous. However, it’s the way that they promote inner beauty and being perfect just the way you are that creates adoration from their fans. clarissalunanyc_on_Instagram unpretty monday-1 7. They are family oriented.The girls have a lot going on in their lives, but they all know that family comes first. Even though constant touring and performances can make it hard for them to see their families often, they always find the time to ensure that their families are loved and appreciated for everything they do. camila and sofi 1-1 camila and sofi 2 dinah-18. Everybody who meets them loves them – including big celebrities and the President and First Lady of the U.S! It seems everywhere they go, Fifth Harmony gains new fans and support from celebrities and other big names. And when First Lady Michelle Obama admits that she works out to your song, you must be doing something right! 5hontour__on_Instagram-1

?9. They are fangirls just like us! They may be famous singers, but at the end of the day, they are fangirls just like us. When it comes to meeting celebrities or going to big award shows, they just can’t hide their excitement!


10. They’re all about GIRL POWER!
As a girl group, they stand for girls feeling empowered, not only respecting themselves but also respecting and supporting other girls. With a stance as positive and powerful as that, we can imagine they’ll be taking over the world in no time!

Written by the amazing girls from @5HTogether

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