The secret’s out! Fifth Harmony’s record label just let slip the name of their next single

The greatest news ever to end the week has just happened! Fifth Harmony‘s record label Epic Records have let it slip what the name of the girl’s next single is gonna be. You’re gonna be hype af when you find out.

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Some Harmonizers might remember ‘That’s My Girl’ was suppose to be the lead single to ‘7/27’ but for some reason ‘Work From Home‘ replaced it. There were even leaked images from the video shoot. Oh well, ‘Work From Home’ is still an amazing lead single.

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Fast forward quite a few months and ‘That’s My Girl’ is heading to the US radio on 26th Sept. Their record label even sent out this image attached in a press release to US radio stations, which basically confirms it as the next single!


There’s also a rumour the girls will be performing on ‘America’s Got Talent‘ on the week of 13th Sept, so 5H might perform it then. HOW EXCITING. We can’t wait to see them slay the stage.

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Cast your mind back to January of this year and you might remember the girls posted this onto their Twitter and we were all temporarily mind boggled.

Basically, this is 5H shooting the video for ‘That’s My Girl’. Yep, the music video has already been filmed! A bunch of people on set posted about it way back at the start of the year, so we’re super excited to see the finished result.


It’s got a real Mad Max apocalyptic vibe and we bet the video screams badass girl power. How do you feel about ‘That’s My Girl’ being Fifth Harmony’s next single? Is it worthy or should another track from ‘7/27‘ take its place? Let us know @maximumpop with your thoughts.

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