Pat yourselves on the back, Harmonizers! Fifth Harmony talk about having the best fans in the world.

The 5H girls were at the BBMAs looking glam as ever last night and couldn’t help but sing the praises of their fans with their latest track ‘Worth It’ being  their best performing track in the US yet.

Talking about the fans, Brooke said “Our fans are the best in the world. They support us. There’s so much passion and love, so thank you guys.”

5H dance

When talking about what Harmonizers mean to them, Camila said  “I think that the Harmonizers are especially wonderful because we have a very, very smart fanbase and they’re also very passionate. So whenever they have any particular goal that they want us to achieve, they just kind of assemble and create. They’re so intelligent about how they get us to that goal.

“I think we owe a lot of Worth It’s success to them as well, because they’ve been so on about requesting it on radio stations and streaming it. They’ve been incredible.”

5H gif

The love is strong right here!

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