If Fifth Harmony ever went solo, they might sound like this…

First things first, Fifth Harmony are not splitting up. We were just so inspired by Dinahs studio session with Stunna June that it sparked our imagination, what would the girls sound like solo?


Obviously they wouldn’t sound exactly like these artists but since they like this type of music, why the hell wouldn’t Lauren be a rock goddess when she’s solo. You get us?


We all know Lauren loves a little bit of rock. She dresses like a rockstar, sounds like one and also listens to it. “Personally, I enjoy rock/indie/alternative music and mellow R&B like Drake. I’m a rock chick at heart”. She’s also got a really strong, soulful voice, as you all know from her audition for ‘The X Factor’

1) We could totally see Lauren fronting a rock back like Paramore and giving us beautiful pop-rock hits.

2) Or simply go solo and be like old school rock Demi.

3) We can’t forget she sung this for her ‘X Factor’ audition. Not only does Lauren work rock but she has a super soulful voice.

4) We know they sound completely different, but imagine an indie alternative pop Lauren? The dream.


Our smol pop princess who kills it with Shawn Mendes is actually into different music. “I really really like indie, alternative music. I like a lot of acoustic singer-songwriters”

1) If Camila went down the pop route, we could really imagine her as early Ari.

2) Since Camila loves singer-songwriter, Gab Aplin would totally be up her street.

3) Technically Tay is a singer-songwriter, but she’s also a international pop superstar. Something Camila will deffo be.

4) Heading down an indie alternative route, BANKS is someone we could totally see Camila and Lauren sounding like.

Ally, Normani and Dinah

5) Ally’s vocals and music taste isn’t that much different from Normani and Dinah’s, all three of them have strong, full-bodied vocals. To be honest, Normani and Dinah could easily be the same person, they’re like twins. #Normaniah

1) Dinah sung this track for her ‘X Factor’ audition and also, she’s basically Beyonces vocal twin.

2) Normani would definitely slay the dancing game, whetherr she’s in 5H or not. So we couldn’t not include Rihanna shaking her thang.

3) This literally screams future Normani. A catchy track, insane dancing and a featuring artist. THIS IS THE FUTURE.

3) ‘Crazy In Love’ is more what we’d expect from Normani as Beyonce. Dance moves and vocals on fleek. Future Normani once more.

4) Ally has mentioned that Selena (Quintanilla) is her absolute bae and whether Ally would follow Selena’s Latin style, she’d definitely take inspo from her.

5) We all saw diva Ally show of those vocals at her ‘X Factor’ audition, so who is a better diva than Britney Spears? Ally could easily be the princess of pop.

6) All of the girls are soulful AF with some serious powerful vocals, they could easily be the modern Aretha Franklin.

Did we miss anyone out? Tweet them to us @maximumpop so we can check them out and see if they fit their girls solo style. We do hope there’s a few more years left in Fifth Harmony though!

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