Myths Busted: Are Fifth Harmony releasing ‘Write on Me’ as a new single this Friday?

We’ve been working from home all year so far and more recently we’ve been living ‘The Life’ with Fifth Harmony.


The wait is almost over for you Harmonizers; Fifth Harmony’s new album ‘7/27’ is just over three weeks away. We know this still feels like an eternity but don’t worry… We think we’ve got good news.


We’ve done some top secret investigating and it looks like the girls are going to drop a new single on us all!


Take a look at this cheeky screenshot from iTunes


You may not have noticed, but ‘Write On Me’ now has a time stamp, just like ‘Work From Home’ and ‘The Life’. This usually means that it’s coming to iTunes very soon.

Like, this Friday soon? Maybe! It is New Music Friday, after all…


Obviously, there’s no guarantee until we hear it directly from the girls but we’re preeeeetty convinced that this is happening. So get ready and remember where you heard it first!


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