Say whaaaattttt?! Meet Fifth Harmony’s new fifth member

This is pretty WOW


There’s a “new member” of Fifth Harmony and you won’t believe who it is.

As most of you already know, our faves appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’, last night. The girls performed ‘Down’ and gave a complete slayage performance.

If that wasn’t enough to make your fangirl heart beat ten times faster then guess who joined the girls on stage?

That’s right Harmonizers, Gucci Mane. The star features on ‘Down’ and was more than happy to lend a helping hand when it came to performing the track live.

Before the show Gucci even posted a jokey snap on Twitter saying he was the new fifth member. Whatcha reckon, Harmonizers? Think he’d be a good fit?

Fun and games aside, though. Ever since Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony last year, there’s been plenty of speculation about whether a new singer will join the girl group.

The girls have since confirmed that they’ll be continuing as a four-piece and, no, they won’t be re-branding as Fourth Harmony. How cringe.

Fifth Harmony’s upcoming self-titled album is due out on 25th August. Start ticking the days off your calendars, Harmonizers. The countdown begins!

Did you enjoy Fifth Harmony’s performance with Gucci Mane? Let us know in the comments below. Once you’re done, take our Fifth Harmony quizzes – there’s over 50 of them!

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