Ten extremely important reasons why we love Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony. We love them. Like really, really love them. ‘Who doesn’t?!’ we hear you cry…well there’s probably some poor poor person who hasn’t opened up their eyes to see how amazing the girls are, so that’s why we’ve come up with ten reasons why we adore them so much.

To start off with, in general they’re all pretty darn fabulous…


They aren’t afraid to whack out a hair flip or two like nobody’s watching.


They can ALL sing flawlessly.


And dance…flawlessly.


Meaning they can sing AND dance flawlessly at the SAME TIME. That my friend, takes skill.


The fierceness in the group is unreal, it’s sorta overwhelming.


Along with their fierceness comes a huge dollop of goofiness, which we love. Who doesn’t adore a good goofball?


Their style is beyond amazing, they deserve some sort of ‘best dressed’ award to be honest…


Hair game is never not on point.


And lastly, they love food. We love food also…we should just be best friends to be honest.


Well there you have it, ten reasons why we love Fifth Harmony. We could go on…and on…and on, these girls are beyond amazing. If they just wanted to share a smidge of their fabulousness and throw in in our direction, that’d be greatly appreciated.

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