‘7/27’ means as much to the Fifth Harmony girls as it does to us. Find out how it changed their lives

We are totally and utterly in love with ‘7/27’ and it’s definitely in our top 10 albums. The album also means a heck of a lot to the girls, too.


Speaking to ABC Radio, the girls talked about how much they have grown since their debut album, ‘Reflection’.

Normani said: “I think that just by listening to it for the first time, you guys’ll definitely be able to see the growth, just lyrically.”

“I think that as women we’ve definitely found ourselves, because we’ve been through a lot this year, but also as musicians, and it really translates through the songs.”

Ally went on to talk about the album’s lead single, ‘Work From Home’: “When you first hear it – when we first heard it – we definitely were, like, connected to the beat and the melody and the music.”

“And I think that’s something that everybody can connect to. And I think it’s something that’s fun, that’s flirty, it’s not taken too seriously.”

We’re so glad that the girls feel like they’ve progressed and grown over the past year and you can definitely hear it in the music.

What song from ‘7/27′ makes you most proud of the girls’ transformation? Tweet us @maximumpop while we play the album for the 874th time.

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