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QUIZ: Can we guess your favourite Fifth Harmony member?

Don’t lie to us, we all have a favourite!

Friends. We are gathered here today to pay our last tributes and respects to the memory of our departed friend, the Internet. He was a good friend and provided hours of entertainment.

Today on Friday 25th August, we lay him to rest and remember how many questioned he answered in his lifetime and the laughs he provided.

R.I.P Internet.

You will never be forgotten.

Fifth Harmony have a brand new album out and they’ve broken the internet. It’s gone. It’s flatlined. It’s well and truly dead.

Just when we thought the queens in 5H couldn’t possible be anymore amazing, they go and slay us in half with the incredible release of ‘Fifth Harmony’. The album is an absolute belter and hands-down the soundtrack to the rest of our summer and possibly our whole darn lives.

To celebrate the girls’ new release, we’re hosting Fifth Harmony day here at Maximum Pop! That’s right, we’re sharing 5H content all day long and have heaps of new quizzes for you to enjoy.

For the first quiz, we’re going to guess your fave Fifth Harmony member. Don’t lie to us, we all have a favourite. Perhaps you admire how woke Lauren is or you can’t get enough of Dinah Jane’s style? Either way, let’s find out shall we?

Once you’re done, make sure you share your results on Twitter and tag us in them @MaximumPop. Tell all your other Harmonizer pals about Maximum Pop!’s 5H day too and help spread the word.

Did we get it right? Leave a comment below and tell us. You can also play over 50 other Fifth Harmony quizzes by clicking here.

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