Fifth Harmony are all of us: They’re talking diversity and keeping Barbie dolls real

Are Fifth Harmony the most diverse group in pop? We think so!


You can never have too much Fifth Harmony, right? Since releasing their ace new album ‘7/27’ these young ladies are everywhere, appearing on TV shows, award ceremonies and gracing the covers of loads of magazines.


They’re also in the latest edition of Wonderland Magazine where they’re talking about loads of different things including their album. But what really caught our eye is their discussion on the diverse ethnicities and body types within the group, with the magazine calling them the “most diverse girl group ever”.


Lauren: We’re very diverse, for sure.

Camila: It’s just really special because I feel like representation is so important, especially for little girls growing up that have dreams, and because of prejudices or because of Eurocentric standards they might not think that they’re good enough or quote-unquote pretty enough — whatever. We have all different ethnicities, we have all different body types, so I think that makes us really special.

That’s why we love Fifth Harmony; there’s something in there for everyone.

The girls also spoke on their excitement when Barbie creators Mattel decided to make them their very own dolls. Yes, that’s right; FIFTH HARMONY DOLLS ARE REAL.

Fifth Harmony Barbie (2)

Lauren: That was a surreal experience for us. Having a Barbie that looks like me is crazy. It’s sitting in my house.

Dinah: What was also crazy is that the five of us, since we’re different races — we have an African-American, I’m a South Pacific Islander, we have Mexican and Cuban — we’re able to be representative for those that don’t really have anyone else to look up to. So I’m really happy, it was such a moment for me to be an actual Barbie doll for another little girl.

Ok, we TOTES need to get our hands on some 5H dolls. Like, right now.

Mattel have been making some huge strides in changing the appearance and appeal of Barbie recently. Not only did they also give Zendaya her own Barbie, they also released a brand new line of ‘Fashionista’ dolls that offer different body types, skin tones and hair styles that we absolutely LOVE.


But if you’d like to see the full interview with Fifth Harmony for Wonderland Magazine, it’s up on their website.

Would you like to get your hands on a Fifth Harmony doll? Which one would you get? Tell us your favourite @maximumpop

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