Fifth Harmony’s Dinah says X Factor was the best experience of her life. Until #5HUKInvasion, right Dinah?

Ahead of those beautiful Fifth Harmony ladies completely taking over the UK next week (we’re peeing ourselves we’re so excited), they’ve been giving some interviews from the U S of A and Dinah Jane’s been spilling all about the groups’ time on the Amercian series of The X Factor made her feel totally ‘Worth It’. See what we did there?


“I think when we were placed together on The X Factor, that was a big moment for me. The fact that I was with these four other girls, that made us feel worth a lot. That was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life,” the youngest member of the group told Sugarscape.

“Us girls were all talking before we were placed together. We were mingling around and we all knew each other; so when we were placed together we were like ‘I know this girl, I really do like her, she’s cool anyways.’ There was chemistry built already…It’s so much fun to be on that stage knowing you have all these other four girls doing it with you. It’s the best feeling ever.”

Can somebody put us in a girlband asap please?

Let’s take another look at Dinah’s first audition shall we? We shall.

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