Fifth Harmony’s Dinah got a bit emosh on her journey to New York, it’s okay we’re here for you honey.

It’s okay Dinah, we all get emosh sometimes when our favourite songs play… we feel you honey.

In a recent interview our darling Dinah declared her cry was on her journey to New York listening to Mandy Moore’s ‘Only Hope’ from A ‘Walk to Remember’. A film based on a book by the legendary romantic novelist Nicholas Sparks.

“I’d say my favourite song… I was just listening to it on my way to up to New York is ‘Only Hope’ by Mandy Moore from my favourite movie ‘A Walk To Remember’!”

“I was picturing the movie and I was tearing up here and there! I’m a very emotional person!”

Bless, we aren’t judging… in fact we are shedding our own tears right now. REAL TEARS.

Here is a reminder of that beautiful song in all it’s glory, have the tissues at the ready.

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