16 artists Fifth Harmony need to collab with, including Justin Timberlake, Little Mix and Ed Sheeran

Fifth Harmony are quite partial to having a rapper on a couple of their songs, but it’d be so cool if they could have their dream duet partners featuring with them. We know Dinah and Mariah Carey would have the biggest riff off ever and Justin Timberlake reaching those high notes with the girls would be INSANE.


We tried to narrow down the people who would be perfect for a 5H collaboration and it’s almost impossible, everyone is ideal, but if we only had to choose 16, here is who we’d pick.

1) Ed Sheeran – Camila said Ed Sheeran would be her dream duet and we think it’d be perfect. Throw Ed into this cover and it’s pure magic

2) Zedd – He’s produced some of the biggest hits in the past few years and 5H would fit his style perfectly

3) Nicki Minaj – YAS, just listen to this mash-up. It needs to happen.

4) Little Mix – Spread the girl band love and put these two together, it’ll be magical

5) Nick Jonas – Two of pop’s biggest acts have to come together, right?

6) Kesha – If they did a song together, it would scream girl power

7) Justin Timberlake – Ally told ‘Fashion’ mag that collaborating with JT would be THE one and we 100% agree

8) DJ Flume – Lauren said her dream duet would be with DJ Flume, who tried to get Tay Swift kicked out from Coachella!

9) Taylor Swift – Speaking of Swift, she makes the perfect 6th member of Fifth Harmony

10) DNCE – They’re the hottest act this year and we know if they did a track with 5H, it’d be weird and wonderful

11) Kendrick Lamar – Normani’s dream duet is with this rapper, and tbh if you threw him into their cover of ‘Bad Blood’, they’d totally pass this off as their own

13) Calvin Harris – He’s making a comeback and nothing would make a bigger musical impact than a Fifth Harmony x Calvin Harris collab

14) The Vamps – Kinda already happened but we need more, like a whole album’s worth

15) Mariah Carey – Dinah and Mariah would be deffo BFFs and a collab should be put into work rn

16) Jason Derulo – The ultimate summer banger always has Jason Derulo on it, and this mash-up screams perfection

Fifth Harmony could team up with about every artist ever and they’d have an instant hit, there’s nothing stopping these girls. Is there anyone else you’d choose to team up with the girls? Let us know on Twitter @maximumpop, the more the merrier!

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