Fifth Harmony have just cancelled four tour dates, what’s going on?!

Bad luck for some of you Harmonizers. Fifth Harmony have cancelled the last 4 dates of the ‘7/27’ North America tour with no explanation!


That’s right, Auburn, Ridgefield, San Diego and Las Vegas according to the ticketing websites are not happening. Yet the girls or management haven’t commented on it. Something seems fishy…


Normally we’d expect it to be because of low ticket sales, but Harmonizers have confirmed that shows were almost completely sold out!

People aren’t impressed and nobody has a clue what’s going on, but a few fans have got a couple theories of their own…


1) They’re rushing the tour to start on #5H3.

There isn’t any hard evidence to back this up, other than a couple of people fans tweeting about it. Tbh, the ‘7/27’ era just started so we doubt it’s this.

2) A longer break before the European leg of the ‘7/27’ tour.

This makes total sense, but they’re hitting up Mexico a week or so after the cancelled dates then heading off to Europe. Is it worth cancelling the shows and upsetting fans for an extra week off?

3) Camila is needed for promo with Diplo.

Rumour has it that Camila has a song dropping with Diplo during that week and she’s needed for promo. How on earth is that a priority above giving the fans a show and missing out on BUCKETS of money from the tour.


4) The girls have had a feud with Camila.

We doubt the girls are having serious problems with Camila. Normani could have easily just struggled to describe her, it’s probably not that deep. However, Camila did spend the fourth of July in a make-shift toilet studio whilst the other girls partied.


With all these rumours, everything should be taken with a pinch of salt until something solid is announced by the group or management. What’s your theory on this crazy cancellation? Tweet us @maximumpop with your thoughts.

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