Fifth Harmony reveal the best advice they’ve had on surviving the entertainment industry.

Fifth Harmony have been chatting away to Cosmo for Latinas about the best advice they’ve ever been given about surviving in the entertainment industry and it involved one vital piece from Uncle Simon Cowell. Take note all you budding popstars.

Band member Lauren revealed that Simon Cowell has given them a lesson in authenticity. “Be who you are and don’t allow other people to tell you who you’re supposed to be. That’s something we constantly have to fight against. People try to change and make us into a certain image they want, or try to give us songs that don’t agree with our image or who we are. Authenticity will translate best to our audience.”

Ally Brooke added that you should always fight your corner: “Fight for what you believe in, speak your mind, and don’t be afraid. All of us have come across a situation where we had to turn down a song because we didn’t believe in it. It was a fight, but we fought it and won. We became closer because of it.”

Dinah Jane concluded: “Personally, I used to be really scared to even speak my mind or stand up for myself.? We’ve all grown to be stronger than before, and especially, when you’re a girl in this industry, you’re very scared. You learn to have a thick skin.”

So there you have it, say authentic, fight your corner and speak your mind and you’ll be able to become a multi-platinum artist. Simple, right?

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