There’s so much Harmony in Fifth Harmony: Normani says they’re tighter than ever!

Those Fifth Harmony ladies are literally EVERYWHERE.


And it definitely helps that there’s five of them so you can have a piece of Fifth Harmony in five different places.

Just because you see them doing their own thing on their own doesn’t mean they’re breaking up. In fact, according to Normani Kordei, the girls are stronger than ever and the band is in the best possible shape.


Speaking to Perez Hilton, Normani said:

“You can clearly see that we found ourselves. We found ourselves as musicians, we’ve gotten to know each other and exactly what we want to talk about, and you can definitely recognise the Fifth Harmony sound when you hear it now. We’ve also been more hands on creatively this time around, so that’s why we’re super, super excited.”

Basically Harmonizers, Fifth Harmony isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. Phew!


Normani also opened up about their struggles once their time on The X Factor was done and the importance of getting their voices heard within their team.

“We had to prove ourselves coming off of ‘The X Factor’ because people automatically see a manufactured girl group. But we’re real women with real ideas, and we feel like we’re actually being heard now, and I think that you guys can see that from an outside perspective.”

It’s SUCH a great interview. In fact, you can watch the whole interview right here courtesy of Perez Hilton.

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