10 things that NEED to happen on Fifth Harmony’s ‘7/27’ tour, including special guests and hair flips

‘7/27’ recently dropped and now we’re patiently waiting for Fifth Harmony to tour the UK. We’ve been making this wish every 11:11 so it’s got to happen, right?


The ‘Reflection’ tour was life-changing, so no doubt ‘7/27′ will be too. We took some key moments from the girls’ tour that need to happen again. Like, we totes won’t live if it doesn’t. Here’s 10 things that’ll make the ‘7/27’ tour lit AF

1) We LIVE for these hair flipping moments


2) Taylor Swift needs to show up, she’s the secret sixth member


3) Speaking of Tay, a medley of her iconic songs would be the most amazing thing ever

tumblr_inline_mpzpy2RgRL1qz4rgp3) 5H aren’t complete without their sparkly, matching outfits


4) The sassiest synchronised dance moves ever

tumblr_inline_nlfm0wT1sH1rb316v (1)

5) A few tracks from ‘Reflection’ would bring it complete circle


6) Covers galore! We’re still not over the ‘Take Me To Church’ one

7) Bringing fans out on stage to dance the night away

maxresdefault (4)

8) The ‘BO$$’ and ‘Worth It’ dances need to make a re-appearance




10) The girls having a freestyle dance battle, because why the hell not

Is there anything you hope the girls will be doing when they head out on tour? Tweet us @maximumpop with your craziest idea, it might just happen!

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