Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen & Hazel Grace Lancaster – which ‘Divergent’ Faction Would They Have Chosen?

If you haven’t already seen, Veronica Roth’s ‘Divergent’ series has got all dressed up in sexy new covers and ever since they paraded themselves in front of us in all their striking glory, we’ve had Tris and Caleb and Four, and all their fantastic stories, stuck in our heads. These are amazing books for so many reasons but I bet the first thing that comes up, when anyone tries to explain the series to a friend, are the factions.

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In Roth’s dystopian trilogy, at the age of sixteen, everyone must choose a ‘faction’, that is a character trait to live with and dedicate your life to. At the start of ‘Divergent’ Tris, iconically, chooses to leave ‘Abnegation’, the faction of her parents, and instead joins Dauntless, the faction that values courage above anything.

We couldn’t help wondering what factions others would chose and because, here on Maximum Pop!, all our best friends are fictional, we have trawled the literary world to present to you: the ultimate guide to the factions are favourite book-people would choose, if they happened to find themselves in a ‘Divergent’ novel.

In articles, as in life, you always have to start with ‘Harry Potter’.


Now it seems sort of straight forward that our entire trio would chose Dauntless, after all, they’re all Gryffindors and those lions have the courage. HOWEVER, we feel, Hermione, without the nudgings of the sorting hat, would pick Erudite, she knows she’s clever.

Ron is an interesting case. We think he would choose whichever faction all his brothers had already chosen. So that might be Dauntless, but it might not.

Harry? Well, he’s the one we just can’t change. It’s courage and Dauntless all way for the boy who lived.

‘The Hunger Games’

Katniss‘ faction, without question, would be Abnegation. She would fit in perfectly in this selfless faction – the girl on fire, so willing to sacrifice herself for her sister.


Gale, is always ready for the fight, and willing to go up against all the risks. He would be Dauntless; we can even imagine him getting his tattoos.

Peeta would be Amity. He just wants a peaceful life and people to stop trying to kill him and those he loves. We bet Amity would let him bake all the bread he wanted.


‘Geek Girl’

geek girl

Harriet Manners may have just accidentally become a model but ultimately she’s still obsessed with books (yippee), maths, and curious facts about ostriches. The clues in the title with this one, guys, Harriett would definitely pick Erudite.

‘Red Queen’

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In Victorian Aveyard’s ‘Red Queen’ series we have our feisty Red hero Mare and then the two Silver princes Cal and Maven.

Maven would have to be Erudite, he is way too good at manipulating people.

Cal, the born solider and rider of motorbikes, would of course be Dauntless. If it’s not explicitly mentioned that the Dauntless have motorbikes I’m sure it was implied.

Mare would be Abnegation; everything she does in her life – trying to steal, pretending to be Silver – it is all for someone else.

‘The Fault in Our Stars’


It’s slightly odd to sort into different factions the fictional characters who’s movie incarnations are played by the same actors as Tris and Caleb’s are. But I don’t think Hazel’s going to be jumping out of a train any time soon and Gus isn’t exactly Einstein – their choices would be very different.

Augustus Waters would chose Abnegation, he selflessly gave up his Make a Wish so Hazel could visit Amsterdam.

Hazel would be Candor. Hazel doesn’t sugarcoat things, she tells the world that oblivion is coming no matter what, and she searches for truth, albeit in very poetic ways. She seeks out her favourite author and demands to know what happens after the end of the story. Unfortunately Hazel, some truths remain unknowable.

What did you think of our fictional faction sorting? Let us know if you think these characters would have chosen differently at @maximumpopbooks

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