What NOT to pack when going to a festival, plus the 7 essentials you shouldn’t leave without

Festivals are fun. The best opportunity to kick back, listen to some great music and hang out with your mates. Plus there’s camping. Double the fun. But packing for the weekend can be tricky.


To save you some of the headache, here’s what you most definitely do not need to pack. For any festival. Ever. 

1. Anything with a plug on the end of it. Yep. Even your phone charger. Soz. Take it out of the bag. Right now.

get rid of it

Unless you’re posh camping (glamping) or close enough to your car to use its juice to charge up your devices, forget it. There are charging points and battery packs on site. Use ’em.

2. Too many clothes. WE KNOW! You want to look Coachella cool, effortlessly matching your outfit to your every whim and emotion. And it’s true you can never predict the weather.


But cool it on the clothes. Be sensible. It’s all gonna get grubby. Aim for comfortable-cool and you’ll be boss.

3. Toiletries. Even these are getting ousted from the rucksack. The most you need is toothpaste, dry shampoo and deodorant. The rest is not necessary.


(probably actually what you’ll look like by Monday)

4. Tins. Sounds crazy but it’s been witnessed. People rocking up with a bag full of tinned food (because hello! Cheaper!) but with a broken back.

tin cat

We bet not even half the food you bring gets eaten anyway.

5. Shoes. You need two pairs at the most. And ideally one of those pairs are wellies.


6. PJs. Because why? T-shirt and pants in the sleeping bag will do the trick. Onesies however become day-to-day attire.


7. ANYTHING WORTH NICKING. Because as friendly and as safe most festival campsites are, your tent is not burglar-proof. Do not leave anything that you really care about in the tent.


So basically, don’t bring it.

The 7 essentials you should NOT leave home without:

1. Small packs of tissues (i.e. loo paper, easily carried)

loo roll

2. Baby wipes. A.k.a. the festival shower.


3. Sun cream. 

sun cream

(don’t eat it.)

4. A waterproof poncho.


5. Sandwich bags. (for keeping your phone/money/whatever dry when it rains)


6. Bin bags (these are ideal for when the ground is too wet/dirty to sit on. BOSH! Instant seating arrangements)


7. A smile. Yeah. We went there. But smiling helps. Especially in the pissing rain less-than-ideal weather.

giphy (26)

Have a great weekend. And hey, feel free to tweet us your festival-going tips to @maximumpop

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Written by Sarah Clare

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