Reviewed: Britney’s Femme Fatale Tour DVD!

Last night our lives were made sparklier and sexier by none other than Britney Spears and her brand new Femme Fatale tour DVD! With our Cheetos at the ready, we sat down, turned the TV volume up LOUD and experienced the most fun hour and a half we’ve had since we read the entire JLS book looking for nipples.

“What can I expect?” we hear you cry. Well the DVD was filmed in Toronto, so the massive catwalk that was missing by the time the tour made it to the UK (boo!) was still present – making the show about 70% more exciting. But aside from that, we witnessed platforms that raised up and down, cars, motorbikes, a rotating throne, a swing, a conveyor belt, fireworks, spark showers, fit dancers, 3 special guest appearances and of course, the Femme Fatale herself bouncing around in various tiny outfits and generally having a great time.

The show kicks off with a sinister video of Britney on the run from some SWAT team guys. She hits the stage to a new mix of ‘Hold It Against Me’, which basically sets the tone for the rest of the concert – heavy electro beats and lots of bared midriff. Proving that even after reaching her 30th birthday, the Princess of Pop has definitely still got it.

Other highlights included: the ‘Gimme More’ performance in the Egyptian themed section, Sabi appearing to do her vegetable rap in ‘(Drop Dead) Beautiful’ and the adorable dance routine for ‘How I Roll’ – we want to learn it!

And of course we can’t get away without mentioning the jaw-dropping finale – not only did Britney fly over the audience in a contraption with MASSIVE angel wings and fireworks showered down on the stage, but Nicki Minaj joined her to perform her rap from the ‘Till The World Ends’ remix! A spectacular finish to an incredible show!

Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour DVD is out now and just £9.99 on

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