Seven things that Britney’s Femme Fatale tour taught us

1In an 85 minute time period, it is acceptable to make twelve costume changes, but at no point should you have more clothes on show than skin.

2If you choose only the hottest guys to be part of your dance team, you won’t even be able to last a full hour before you have to rip their shirts off.

3 Should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself stalked by a creepy guy who monitors your every move from his basement, chances are he will have an inexplicable taste for strawberry lollipops.

 Box after box of pink ticker tape looks AMAZING flying around an arena.

5 No one should ever bother walking anywhere – we should just install conveyor belts.

6 Just one catwalk is no fun – give your catwalk its own catwalks!

7 When in doubt, hair flip like your life depends on it.


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