8 feminist New Year’s resolutions you need to get on this year

2017 is right around the corner and you know what that means? New year new us. Say goodbye to the frankly quite terrible year 2016 has been and say HELLO to 2017 in hardcore feminist style with these 8 resolutions.

Screw the patriarchy. Get yo feminism on harder than the Spinster Club girls.

1. Start your own Spinster Club

All you need to get yourself started is a group of your very best gal pals (*gender not compulsory) and some cheesy snacks.  The first and foremost important step towards equality is educating the world on how truly awesome us ladies are.

Want more tips? Here’s how you can start your own club like Evie, Amber and Lottie.

2. Watch more films which pass the Bechdel test

These can be toughies to find and don’t always indicate how great a film is but tbh watching more films with more ladies talking about more things that aren’t boys is a win win situation.

3. Call out all the sexism you see in life

Which Spinster Club girl are you? If you’re a Lottie, here’s a resolution you could totally get behind. Just call it as you see it.

4. Celebrate your #girlsquad

Holly Bourne has taught us everything about how to love our girls and we’ll be taking it all into the new year. Forget relationships, keeping our friendships strong is our #1 goal for 2017. Your BFF is irreplaceable.

5. Learn to love yourself

Whether that’s remembering that bare is beautiful or realising you can accomplish anything and everything you want, learning to love yourself is one of the most important things you can do.

Girls? U awesome. Remember that.

6. Read some badass feminist AF books

Dont’ worry, we’ve got the best recommendations to help you on your way:


7. Stop apologising for existing

Yo, stop saying sorry for simple things like taking up your fair share of space on public transport and correcting your male peers if they’re wrong. Own what you do and what you want.

You’re allowed to be heard and in 2017 you should make sure you ARE heard.


8. Be a feminist, loud and proud

Calling yourself a feminist can be pretty difficult but there’s nothing more empowering than standing up for what you believe in. Remember, there’s no such thing as a feminist killjoy. Ending 2016 as a sexist is the killjoy.

Want to get into the bookish spirit of things this NYE? Make sure you’ve got Holly Bourne’s ‘…And a Happy New Year?’ on hand for some major LOLs and more seriously cool feminism.

What feminist resolutions do you have for this year?

Fill your New Year with THE most amazing bookish events all around the world.
Fill your New Year with THE most amazing bookish events all around the world.


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