Favourite Harry Potter fan theories; from the perennial to the potty

Wherever there’s a fandom there’s a stack of fan theories. And the bigger the readership the bigger the theory or conspiracy. With a series as popular and as loved as Harry Potter, it’s only natural to expect a certain amount of speculation to surround even the tiniest and thinnest of plot threads.

Here we list some of our favourite Harry Potter fan theories. Some continue to go strong despite being debunked by the author herself, and others… well… they’re just darn entertaining.


1. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were in love.

This is a fan favourite. With a bucketload of quotes and instances backing this theory up, we think it’s quite sweet; in a doomed-romance tragic kind of way.

It’s the little things like “Lupin’s eyes were fixed on Sirius”, that while isolated don’t really mean much. But when brought together, the sheer volume of examples of fixation these two seemed to have on each other… well…

harry potter

Ok, so not convinced? What about the shared gift giving? Or the living together?

How about the fact that Lupin did not marry until AFTER Sirius’ death. And even then it was to a woman who was a metamorphmagus. She could literally look like what, or WHO, ever she wanted.

2. Ginny used a love potion to kick-start her romance with Harry

Oh, we know. It’s true love, right?



Love potions were rampant in ‘Half Blood Prince’. It would have been easy for Ginny to get hold of one, especially since her brothers sold them. This is the same Ginny Weasley we meet waaay back in the beginning, shyly peeking at Harry in The Burrow. The same Ginny Weasley who, arguable, has had an (obsessive) crush on Harry for YEARS.

ginny weasley

Well, what if she just sped things up a bit? Dosing him with a love potion might create a false feeling, but there’s nothing to say it couldn’t develop into something more serious.

3. Ron and Percy Weasley were shacking up with a middle-aged man?

Crazy, we know. But…

Fred and George bestowed the Marauders Map upon Harry in ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’ and it’s with the help of this map that Harry can see the movements of one, supposedly dead, Peter Pettigrew.

Back up a second.

If Harry could see Pettigrew on the map… then so could Fred and George while they had it. But they didn’t necessarily know the significance of it, other than their brother Percy was sharing his room with another dude each night, who wasn’t a student. Why would the check on Percy? Well, he was a prefect. It was in their marauding interests to avoid being caught.

And then when Ron is given Scabbers…


It would show the same man snuggling up to sleep next to Fred and George’s ELEVEN YEAR OLD BROTHER! EUW!

4. Aberforth’s “inappropriate charms on a goat”.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Even though you’re probably right.


Keeps “horns curly and clean” indeed.

5. J K Rowling is in fact, Rita Skeeter.

Rita Skeeter was forced out of magical society due to her lies and fictional journalism. So what’s a woman to do?

rita skeeter

Write about it. Write about it all. Seven books full of pure fact, for once. Why doesn’t the Ministry of Magic put a stop to it? Despite the massive drain on resources and manpower, it allows many wizards to hide in plain sight.

And this theory gives hope to Potterheads everywhere. Because it’s all real. IT’S REAL! WHERE’S OUR HOGWARTS LETTERS?!

Some other popular theories include:

  • Harry is immortal. The prophecy can be interpreted to read that he cannot be killed by anyone other than Voldemort. So…
  • The seven books are each a horcrux for J K Rowling.
  • Dumbledore is ‘Death’.
  • Ron is a time-travelling Dumbledore.
  • The Dursley’s were so mean to Harry because he was a horcrux.
  • Harry never left the cupboard under the stairs, at it’s all a crazy fever dream.

We don’t mind if these theories are bonkers; it’s keeping the magic alive, and for that? We salute conspiracy creators everywhere.

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