We’ve been lusting over a Fatboy Original bean bag for 348 hours, someone please buy us one?

Christmas is fast approaching around the corner, it’s time to start thinking what to put onto those lists. If you’re anything like us, you’ve always got an eye out with what’s cool to add to your bedroom/office or anywhere your parents will let you stash your goodies.


We’ve been lusting after a Fatboy Original bean bag for around 348 hours now. They’ve been around for a whole decade but still fit into the most modern and rad looking places we’ve been!

You can sit, lie or lounge anyway you like they’re so mahoosive! You can probably fit the whole of Diversity on one without having to make them do handstands to all squeeze on. The fabric is pretty much indestructible and easy to clean too, no worries if you spill your takeaway on it while shouting at the six chair challenge on a Saturday night.

Now lets look at the range of colours, there’s something for everyone.

Head over to for more details and to add to your parents bookmarks as a subtle hint to buy one for Christmas.

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