Directioners not happy about 1D Documentary on Channel 4. POP BITS.

POP BITS. 1D Fans are not best pleased with Channel 4’s Documentary which aired last night called ‘Crazy About One Direction’. It’s easy to see why when Directioners were portrayed as quite the crazy bunch in the hour long show (you can check out some of the craziest quotes here).

Fans even started using the #ThisIsNotUs and #1DWereNotLikeTheseGirlsOnTheDocumentay, which trended worldwide. @1D_Updates_xx tweeted: “#ThisIsNotUs IT ONLY IS LIKE 2% OF US ” and @alexandergold was quite disappointed with the doc too “Shame on Channel 4 in the UK airing #CrazyAboutOneDirection and showing Directioners in a negative light to troll for ratings. #ThisIsNotUs“, @1DRockMeUpdates added “As a fan I’m offended”.

What do you make of ‘Crazy About One Direction’? Did it sum up Directioners or did they just choose the extreme fans? Weigh-in below. POP BITS OUT.

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