Here’s why fans assaulting pop stars HAS TO become a thing of the past

Some fans can’t keep their hands to themselves!


By now you’ve probably heard that Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Hernandez was recently dragged to the floor during a performance in Mexico by an overenthusiastic fan. You can watch the whole crazy experience below.

Unfortunately this isn’t an isolated incident, and it’s becoming a bit of an issue. It’s no wonder pop stars are suffering from anxiety more and more.

Remember when Katy Perry invited a fan on stage only to get her boob groped and her neck kissed? Cheeky!

They may be enemies but Taylor and Katy have stage invasions in common. Last year Taylor was performing ‘Bad Blood’ when her she was surprised by a fan yanking at her legs. Talk about an ankle-snapper!

And with those devoted Beliebers it’s unsurprising that Justin has fallen foul of a few of them in his time.

We know it’s exciting when you see your idol in the flesh, and sometimes you would give anything just to touch them. But it’s so important to remember that these are real people, not toys, and they have the same rights as anyone else.

No-one likes to be touched without consent, and tbh you would actually get arrested if you went up and groped someone or assaulted them in the street. Just because pop stars live their lives in the spotlight doesn’t mean that they signed up for this shit, and they shouldn’t have to deal with it.

Respect is key. Artists respect us so we should respect them. That would be peachy, OK?


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Written by David Farrell

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