Fan projects for basics: Here’s how you can pay homage to Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and 5SOS

Ever found yourself wondering what the hell people were talking about when you hear the words “fan project”?


Or maybe you have a basic level of knowledge, you’ve snooped around but never taken part in one and want to know more.


Or maybe you’ve taken part in some but want to learn more…


Whatever your fangirl status is, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide to fan projects.

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So seriously, what is a fan project?

A fan project is when fans of a particular artist work together to create something to give back to the artist or fanbase.

Who gets involved in fan projects?

Anyone can! Seriously, just go for it!

What types of project are there?

Glad you asked…

  • Meetups

Sometimes your friends just can’t (or won’t) understand your obsession with a particular artist, but luckily fandom is a community and there’s nothing we like better than to organise a meetup with other fans to discuss our idols. You might even meet your new BFF!

Join Maximum Pop! for our Mixer meetup to promote ‘Glory Days’ 


  • Concert project

You probably first fell in love with your idol because of their beautiful voice or their songwriting talent brings you to tears. Either way, it all starts with the music. Fans often get involved in fan projects to honour the release of a new album or to celebrate their fave performing in their city. If enough people take part, then the artist can’t help but notice and they’re always very touched.

Get involved in the ‘Illuminate for Shawn’ project for his upcoming tour


  • Books and videos

If you want your fave to have something more permanent to keep as a reminder of you then putting together a fan book or video for them with loving messages is the perfect way of paying homage. For this type of project you need as many people as possible to ensure that it will be seen by the artist. Maximum Pop! is currently organising several fan books which you can discover here.

Send in artwork or messages for The Vamps Christmas Fan Book


  • Charity

Our fave artists are very involved with many charities and there’s no reason fans can’t do the same. If you want to give back to those who aren’t as fortunate as you while getting to know other people in your fandom, these projects are as perfect for you as 1D!

5SOS fam, get on ProjectSafetyPinPH rn!


Where can I discover fan projects and get involved?

You’re in luck because Maximum Pop! has built a website especially for fans to create, take part in and enjoy fan projects. It’s creatively called ‘Fan Projects‘.

Yeah we craaaay…


So hurry up and become an expert at fan projects. If you have any more questions you can totally ask them in the comments box below and we’ll make sure they get answered.

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Written by David Farrell

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