Meet the girl who inspired Liam Payne’s hand inking! We chat to Michelle for all the deets.

Imagine being the person who inspires a member of One Direction to get a tattoo; something that will live permanent on their body forever more. This actually happened for one lucky fan! Michelle from Ireland met the boys at the 1D London Sessions and managed to be inspiration for one of Liam’s latest tattoos.


Hey Michelle! First of all, we need to know – how did you meet the boys? 

My friend Natalie had entered a competition to travel to London for the London Session the boys were hosting and she managed to be the Irish winner! She was beyond generous to offer me to come along as her plus one where we got to meet all of One Direction at a secret London location before their performance.

You’ve got a really nice tattoo. So nice that Liam found it as inspiration for his own! What did he say when he first saw it? 

Awh, thank you! He was so shocked at it, to be honest. It was during the meet and greet where I had walked over to see him and before saying anything he grabbed my arms and opened them wide to look at all of my tattoos but took particular interest in the roses. His face just lit up and said “oh wow, that’s such sick ink!” and ran his hand over it to discover it was only a week old! Liam showed me his hand tattoo and said he was thinking about getting something similar to my roses on the other hand. That’s where the inside joke of me being his ‘inspiration’ came from!

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We don’t even think it’s an inside joke, we think it’s legit! What was your reaction when you first saw that Liam had a similar tattoo to yours?

I didn’t believe it at first, to be honest! My best friends Kim and Malin (the other two London Session winners) had sent the image to me in a group chat and I literally became the shocked emoji, haha! I didn’t think much of it until the HQ photo of his tattoo popped up on Twitter and I was so amazed and flattered! Obviously his tattoo has its own personal meaning, but I thought he was only being polite at the meet and greet by admiring mine so much, but it just shows how genuine Liam is! I sent the image to all of my friends and they kept saying “you better get free reunion concert tickets now”, hahaha.

What inspired you to get the tattoo in the first place?

I got the tattoo mainly for my nana’s anniversary as she suddenly passed away in November 2014, and added a second rose for my other granny who’s (thankfully still alive) name is Mary Rose, so I thought it was fitting to honour them both with such beautiful flowers. My nana’s first anniversary actually happened to fall on the night of the London Session and when Liam found out, he pulled me into such a tight hug and I really owe him a lot for taking an interest in this particular tattoo, it helped me cope with being far away from home that day! I can never repay or thank him enough for his kindness.


Lots of fans are dedicated to get 1D inspired tattoos and even their autographs or faces inked on themselves! Would you ever go that far or are you more of a person who prefers tattoos with personal meanings?

Personally, I prefer tattoos on myself with personal meanings, but in saying that, that could also include a signature or lyric such as my ‘Let it Be’ tattoo. My best friend, Malin, for instance has the 1D lyrics “if you ever feel alone – don’t. You were never on your own and the proof is in this song” tattooed on her forearm with the number 14 which is her lucky number and the date we met the boys! Her tattoo is to inspire her and remind her of the happiest moment in her life. I’d never go as far as getting their faces tattooed on me, though!

Do you have any other tattoos planned? 

So many more! I have heaps already all over, hopefully my next one will happen in a few weeks! The perks of your friend being a tattoo artist! I have a matching tattoo planned with my older sister, the Bring Me The Horizon ‘That’s The Spirit’ album artwork and loads more!

If you could get a tattoo with anyone in the world, who would it be and what design would you like?

Oh wow, that’s a really tough one! I’d love to get a tattoo with either Harry Styles or Ed Sheeran becaause like me they both have a lot of small, random but personal ones. As for the design, I have no clue! It would probably be something on the spot and spontaneous but knowing me, it would end up being one of my favourites! Maybe even a shamrock with Niall; hometown represent!

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