15 stories from fans who met their fave authors – and survived

There’s no greater joy than standing in that signing line, book in hand, waiting to come face to face with the author who put pen to paper (or rather – fingers to keyboard) and made all our wildest dreams come true.

How do any of us survive being in the holy presence of these gods? We’re not sure. We could barely cope at YA Shot last weekend – and let’s not forget the emotional fangirl messes we became at Cassie Clare’s Shadowhunter event last April.


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Here’s 15 stories of crazy excited fans meeting their author heroes. We’re still amazed they managed to keep breathing!

1. How does one keep breathing whilst asking Sarah J. Maas a question?!

This is just adorable tbh.

2. Rainbow Rowell. We’re trying to keep our cool.

3. Two fab authors at once?! 

We know how intimidating it is to meet Lauren Oliver. She so cool.

4. Trying not to lose our cool over V.E. Schwab and Marie Lu

5. Meeting “the hottest author in the world” can go on your CV right? Right?


6. We have no idea how people survive big bookish events

Too many authors, too little time. Too many suitcases full of books to be signed.

7. This fangirling is so cute

8. Sometimes the meeting-the-author experience is going to be fun but AWKWARD

Ngl if we met Susan Dennard in an airport taxi queue we’d lose our minds too.

9. That moment when your fave author is just as much a fan of you as you are of them

10. We’d freak meeting Stephenie Meyer too

Even the biggest booktubers get all hyped before meeting their faves too.

11. Book events are the most fun but how are we supposed to handle the excitement?!

12. When Sarah J Maas loves your artwork, is it possible to remember how to breathe? Nope.

13. We want to meet our feminist heroes too, please

14. *Permission to freak out*


We’re shook.

Let’s be real for a second, we would probably sell everything we owned for a chance to meet our very favourites IRL. Trouble is, events are so difficult to track down sometimes.

Don’t worry though: we’ve got the solution! This is YOUR chance to create your very own “met my fave” video/Twitter post. It’s pretty simple really, the brand new MP! Book Events site has all the deets on every YA event happening around the country and beyond so you’ll never have to miss a thing again.

Don’t miss out, get yourself involved now – and let us know in the comments what authors you dream about having the chance to meet.

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